Camelot looks at the needs of each particular child in Tennessee referred to us by DCS and matches them with a licensed home based on the strengths, experiences, and preferences of the foster families. Information is shared with the foster parent(s) about the prospective foster child and, when possible, pre-placement visits are arranged for the family to meet with the child.

The children referred to Camelot are in the state of Tennessee’s custody for an assortment of reasons and stay in our continuum for different amounts of time. Sometimes they have had several previous failed foster home placements or are ready to be discharged from residential group home care back into a family setting. Some of the children have goals of returning home to their parents if conditions are corrected. Others are teens who have goals of independence, which means they need a stable home until they are ready to move into adulthood. Some children have goals of adoption and need homes which are willing to provide permanency for them in this way.


Our Tennessee outpatient therapy services are designed to assist individuals, couples, parents, and families in dealing with the difficulties that are faced in daily life. This program requires active participation and a desire for personal growth. Counseling sessions are conducted by trained individuals with experience working with a variety of mental health and behavioral needs. Contact Camelot today it you are interested in learning more about our outpatient therapy services in Tennessee.


Camelot provides Family Preservation Services to three Department of Children’s Services regions: Davidson, Shelby, and South Central. These services are offered to help strengthen families and create safer communities through education, early intervention, community partnerships, and resource linkage. Camelot works to preserve families by meeting the families where they are and engaging them in a process to improve their family relationships and supports.


Camelot’s Family Support Service is focused on each family’s individual needs and promotes sustainable solutions. Services include but are not limited to, parenting skills, advocacy, crisis management, anger management, stress reduction, conflict resolution, and other services not covered by TennCare.


Family Visitation Services are provided as a way to provide a safe space for parents to learn and practice new parenting skills, demonstrate their ability to be nurturing with their children, and support safe and healthy parent- child relationships. This service is for children who have not been placed with a Therapeutic Foster Care Agency.


Family Violence Intervention Services are provided to families who need support in working through domestic violence while still intact or as they transition out of the relationship. Camelot works to build supports, provide education around the effects of domestic violence on everyone in the household, encourage families to find the safest solution for themselves and their children, and become self-sufficient. This service focuses on developing the capacity to maintain a violence-free lifestyle for all family members.


Camelot offers home-based, intensive counseling services through in Tennessee Continuous Child and Family Treatment (CCFT).

How do you know if CCFT is the service your family needs?• Are you feeling frustrated with your child’s behavior?• Is your child at risk for state custody?• Is your child at risk to go into a hospital for behavior?• Does your child’s behavior seem out of control?• Is your family covered by TennCare (BlueCare or United Health Care)?

The treatment requires voluntary participation in which a parent is willing to meet with and have a counselor come into the home to work with members of the family. The service usually involves multiple visits per week by the counselor to the home.

Our Tennessee counselors specialize in• Emotional or behavior problems• Mental health issues• Parenting skills• Aggression or anger management• Grief counseling• Trauma or abuse counseling• Substance abuse


Camelot provides case management services in Tennessee to children and adults with 2-4 face-to-face visits per month within the community setting. While receiving Case Management service, clients will be offered assistance in locating resources in their community that can assist them in becoming more active in resolving difficult life situations and empowering them to live a more successful, healthy, and balanced life. The services and resources provided during case management are individualized based on the initial assessment and the client’s input. If you are located in Tennessee and require case management services, look no further than Camelot.


Camelot’s substance use program is designed for adolescents, teens, and young adults who are participating in substance abuse. This program motivates a decision and commitment to change. It is a comprehensive program that is developmentally appropriate, research based, culturally sensitive and holistic. Participants of our substance use program learn to master developmental tasks regarding identity, logical thinking, and preparing for adulthood as they examine their lives, their drug use, and the impact of current behaviors upon their future. They also learn to address their problematic behaviors, the underlying causes of these behaviors, and their lifestyle choices.

Camelot’s program has been shown to be effective in Tennessee in the treatment of teen and adolescent substance abuse, use, and dependence, issues related to trauma, and co-occurring problems. And finally, it helps participants develop and implement a practical relapse prevention system.

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